Caleb Coker Fort: How to Succeed in Real Estate Development

Caleb Coker Fort is a real estate and construction professional who is based in La Quinta, CA. Caleb Coker Fort has worked in construction management for more than two decades and has experience in project management. He has a long list of clients and states that he has worked on “projects’ estimated and completed values totaling over a billion dollars.”

stock-photo-crane-and-building-construction-site-against-blue-sky-196734746If you are interested in real estate development, there are a few steps that you can take to build a successful career.

One tip is to develop great organizational skills. If you choose to work as a real estate developer, you will need to be able to manage every aspect of a project. It will be important for you to keep impeccable records on subcontractors, employees, and client expectations.

Another tip is to build your communication skills. As a real estate developer, you will be liaising between many different departments and people. Communication can help you ensure that there are no misunderstandings and that the project is moving smoothly.

A third tip is to network extensively. Real estate development involves investing your own funds in a real estate project. You may find investors as well. You will then need to develop the project and either rent or sell the property for a profit. Networking can help you build contacts in the real estate industry and find potential investors. Caleb Coker Fort has been working in construction and real estate for many years. He owns a consulting firm in Las Vegas and enjoys working with new clients.


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