Caleb Coker Fort – Things Successful Leaders Do Differently

A longtime successful real estate professional based in La Quinta, CA, Caleb Coker Fort has taken on many leadership roles in his career to know what works and what doesn’t. Successful leadership doesn’t come easy, but it can be learned over time. Successful leaders have learned how to anticipate market trends, take advantage of opportunities, and overcome obstacles. That’s why they get paid a lot, too.


Additionally, there are a few things they do differently that make them so effective.

Give others a chance to express themselves

Many times leaders can be intimidating individuals who make others tremble every time they walk into a room. Effective leaders know how to deflect attention and encourage others to speak up. They are good at making others comfortable and allowing them to share their opinions. They use their positions to create a comfortable environment.

Communicate what is expected

Good leaders are good communications, and this is quite true when it comes to communicating expectations. By doing so, they make sure colleagues understand the core values and goals being worked for and ensure everyone is working towards them.

Challenge others to improve

Successful leaders understand how their colleagues think and where they can improve. They use this knowledge to challenge individuals to work towards their potential. These leaders are good at keeping people on their toes at all times.

Can be accountable

Beyond just mentoring other employees, successful leaders are accountable to others by being proactive to others’ needs. Being accountable ensures leaders are focused on the success of others than their own.

Caleb Coker Fort is a La Quinta based real estate market professional with more than 6 years of experience. Follow Caleb Coker Fort on Twitter:

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